When Moving, eBooks are the BEST Books…

If you’re like me, you always need more books.

In fact, I’m working on two more right now: Crimson Son 2 and Wake of Alshasra’a, the third book in the Stormblade Saga. And if you’re like me (and the rest of the world), life often decides to toss in a surprise or two.

We always had a plan to move once my son finished high school, but a perfect storm of events pushed that plan forward a couple years. So last month, we decided we wanted to sell our house. It sold. In like three days.

Great news! Except for the writing thing. The writing stops when you need to pack up and move 13 years worth of junk (if anyone wants a 150 pound tube TV/boat anchor, call me). I’m still pushing to hand both books to an editor by the end of the year, but things might get dicey.

Very likely, the only writing I’ll get done in the month of August was with these clowns:

(That’s J.S. Morin author of the Black Ocean series and the infamous Jefferson Smith of Immerse or Die plus myself at the first super-secret, unofficial, IoD Unconference.)

17,000 words isn’t bad for a week that only really lasted three days, but I’ve still got 50,000 more to go.

So, to help tide you over until my next books hit the virtual shelves, I’d like to introduce you to some other talented friends of mine. The folks over at the Self Publishing Roundtable have decided to band together and offer up not a handful of books but 50 – for free!

Yours truly was selected to participate (and if you haven’t read Empty Quiveryet, now is a great time to get your copy!) along with 50+ top notch indie authors from across the genre spectrum. Not only that, but they’ll be hosting a giveaway for a FREE Kindle (on which to carry said books) and Amazon gift cards.

You can check out all these amazing books here. The giveaway officially starts tomorrow. Some book prices might not yet be updated and the giveaway links not yet active.

(For those of you who haven’t converted to the eBook revolution, might I suggest moving as a means to spur your transition. A entire library on a 7 ounce device starts to look pretty good by the time you get to the eleventy-millionth 50 pound box of dead tree in your house…)

Happy reading! I’m off to have a hernia…

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