Under the Flickering Light is LIVE!

My latest novel, Under the Flickering Light is now available on Amazon!

Part of the Crimson Son universe, this is a solid stand-alone read (even if you aren’t a Crimson Son fan…) The book picks up where Crimson Son 3 left off – with Spencer and Eric talking about changing the world – and then leaps hundreds of years into the future.

Neither Spencer or Eric could’ve guessed how right they were.

Both had hoped to balance a world on the brink of chaos. But when your nemesis is an immortal AI, any victory is bound to be shortlived.

For centuries, human civilization has been sequestered in their AI-governed bubbles, created to escape a world brought to its knees by genetic super soldiers. M@ti  is a citizen of one of these megacities, all linked together by the powerful Collective and a vast virtual universe.

Most inhabitants never consider whether they are hostages or free citizens of a bountiful utopia. They live their lives almost entirely inside virtual spaces, exploring worlds of their own making.

But the peace and tranquility come at a price.

What others see as a carefree existence, M@ti sees as one grand experiment. Every move, every breath, every word, every dream captured, quantified, and analyzed, their AI minders are up to something, but what?

When M@ti probes too deeply, she unleashes a hunter born from the very virtual spaces where humanity thrives. Survival could mean not just destroying this out of control predator, but hitting the reset button on civilization.

Can M@ti stop the beast before he’s wrecked the world, or will he step outside his virtual prison and finally bring humanity to extinction?

Thanks again for reading! Please, let me know what you think about the book, either in an email or a quick review wherever you geek out about books.

I hope you enjoy this futuristic side trip. I’m currently hammering out Crimson Son 4 and have established an aggressive publishing schedule this year. Looking forward to giving you even more great stories in 2019!


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