Halfway There…

We’re almost halfway through the Crimson Son 4: Legacy Kickstarter Campaign and we’re closing in on halfway to the goal!

This bodes well if my meager math skills are correct…

Thank you to everybody who has contributed so far and for everybody who has put up with a little extra squawking on my part.

Marketing doesn’t come naturally. I’m a writer. I just want to make stuff up and let you guys read it. For that to happen though, it’s become a much more expensive proposition.

Not so much in the production department. I’ve actually paired that down to a very reasonable figure. Art is pricey but I do the typography. I also do the formatting of the various editions (eBook, paperback, PDF, etc.) Not to mention that whole writing part…

But being seen so I can recover those production costs has become a really expensive problem as the self-publishing market matures.

That’s where you, the fans, come in.

Since things have been moving along so nicely, I contacted Johnny Morrow and had him provide a few rough sketches. All I can say is…


I’ve got to see this image on a book. I will see this on a book – with your help!

Remember, this isn’t just for existing fans, but new fans as well. I’ve got a reward level which offers up all three core Crimson Son eBooks along with Crimson Son 4: Legacy.

Also, you’ll be getting a limited edition version of the book for the same price you’ll pay in the stores AND your name will be right there, in the acknowledgments, showing that you helped make this happen.

Higher levels are available if you want things like paperbacks and signed copies (those will be tricky with my nomadic life, so I had to tack on a little extra for shipping). Plus, at the highest level, I’ll have scribbled on one of the pages!

And if you’d rather not give, or don’t much care for Spencer and his crappy attitude, then share the link with somebody who might be able to put up with him.

Also, be sure to follow the project as I’ll have more updates in the days to come. More art (hopefully). Excerpts… (Probably an Eric excerpt. God, I love him in this book…)


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