Wait!?! I have a blog?

A little embarrassing, but I just logged into ye olde website and saw my last post was in April with the release of Crimson Son 4: Legacy.

As I type, I’m also noticing WordPress has seriously updated their interface. It’s like I’ve traveled forward in time and woken to a new reality.

A started a book about that once…

Anyhow, life has been crazy, fun, adventurous, and frustrating all at the same time. Since April we’ve traveled across six states, stayed in four different campgrounds, and visited dozens of parks and historic sites. We’ve had a few setbacks, most self-inflicted, but nothing which we haven’t been able to get past.

Our nomad life is good. Hard work, but good. I only wish we’d done this sooner.

I started off the year with ambitious plans to publish five novels in 2019. Yes, FIVE. Past the midpoint and I’ve got two published (Under the Flickering Light and CS 4) and a final draft completed for the first book in my next series.

Five is going to be tough, but I’m sticking to it…

On top of all the writing, as part of my nomad writer life, I’ve been volunteering. (This deserves an post all on it’s own.) It started with an afternoon on Florida’s Gulf Coast where I helped sort food donations for hurricane victims.

That little break from the computer screen has inspired even more.

To be clear, this time around it isn’t completely about charity. I’m currently volunteering at the Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge for a couple reasons.

One, I’ve always wanted to work on a refuge. In our travels, I’m the scenic route sort of driver. We’d often pass these fenced off areas and damned if I didn’t want to know what was behind every single one of them.

Two, we get a place to park Discovery which is secluded and free. No knife fights (seriously, this almost happened at a campground near a military base…) No nightly drunken cornhole tournaments (the constant whump of the bag hitting the board is likely the muzak in some layer of hell…) Just me, my keyboard, and a Disney production going on just outside the window. (As in Disney pre-Marvel. Back when all they seemed to make were movies about talking animals frolicking in the woods. Seriously, Thumper and Bambi were totally right outside. I’m dating myself…)

The free parking part is the real kicker though. Right now, my wife and I need every spare penny to contribute to college tuition for my son. Until the book sales cover that, I’ll probably be putting in hours of some kind as opposed to being at the keyboard. Writing is still a priority of course, but I’ve only got so many hours in the day.

As such, the adventures of our intrepid Captain have yet to return from their hiatus. My social media posting is lagging behind. And getting another two books written before the end of the year is going to require a bit of magic.

But I’m a freaking wizard. 🙂

Stick around to see how it all turns out. Until then, if you haven’t already please check out my Facebook Fan Group which I just started this week. The goal is give fans a place to discuss my books and interact with me. It will be a launching point for new expeditions and I’ll offer a few bonuses to the members.

The fan group will be one of the first places to get information about my upcoming urban fantasy trilogy. Or is it rural fantasy? Inspired by my travels, the book stars a former Baltimore cop turned antiquities dealer who has stumbled into a world of magic which just might be the only cure for his terminal illness. That is, if his spirit mentor will only let him keep his soul…

Thanks for tagging along on these adventures! Check out some of my favorite shots from our travels below!



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