Pre-Order Ace’s Latest Adventure – GRAVE SACRIFICE!

The preorders are up! Get your eBook copy at any major book retailer here: (Paper will come at a later date – with my nomadic lifestyle, proofing hard copies is a tad tricky sometimes…)

GRAVE SACRIFICE is the culmination of nearly six years worth of hammering at the keys and wrapping my brain around the publishing business.

My first book, Crimson Son, took two years to write.

I managed to write GRAVE SACRIFICE in just under three months. By the time of the official release, only seven months will have passed since the first book in the series hit the shelves.

The Ace Grant Demonslayer series is my first attempt at an actual planned series. Previously, I wrote the Stormblade Saga (which by all rights should have probably been a single door-stopper epic fantasy tome and not three books) and Crimson Son. Intended to be a one shot book, Spencer’s adventures blossomed into four books, an alternate timeline side trip, and a collection of short stories.

Ace’s run is planned for a six book series marking this as the halfway point. As long as I can keep up the momentum, all three remaining books will be finished this year.

Yep, three more for a total of four. In one year.

It isn’t just about writing faster. It’s about maintaining vision and quality while producing books closer to a “consume on demand” speed. My fans are voracious and I’m here to support their filthy habits 🙂

If you have any questions about whether or not the quality has suffered, I can’t speak for my beta readers, but they seem incredibly excited about this series. Some great praise (and excellent criticism) has come my way, helping to make this series one of my best efforts to date.

Thanks again for all of your support and thanks for reading!

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