Grappling with the Past to Move into the Future

When I set out to write Ace Grant, I wanted to create a wholly American mythology. It needed to reflect our history, not simply write another Western European transplant of faye courts and vikings. Magic existed here long before those cultures arrived. Our story then is one of a fusion of cultures amid a migration full of triumph and tragedy. Complex, sure. But I knew one thing. The protagonists? They didn't look like me...

Cancer couldn’t kill him but Ace’s plan just might…

Early reviews are in! You won't want to put this down until you've read the last page. -  5 star Goodreads Review I suspect this is just the start of a wild roller-coaster ride for readers, so hold on tight! - 5 star Goodreads Review Book Two of Ace Grant, Demon Slayer is Now Available! Ace has a plan: Surrender … Continue reading Cancer couldn’t kill him but Ace’s plan just might…

Plea Bargain available for Pre-Order!

Book two in the Ace Grant, Demon Slayer series is now available for eBook pre-order. (Paperbacks are in the pipeline but will need proofing, etc. first.) Early ARC reader reports are very promising, which is a HUGE relief. At the beginning of the year, I challenged myself to release five books. I'm only at four … Continue reading Plea Bargain available for Pre-Order!

Blood Harvest – Paperback Proofs are here!

Always a good day when you get a book in the mail, especially when it happens to have your name on the cover... The ugly "not for resale" proof band aside, this beauty was almost ready for shelves. A minor glitch inside had thrown the pages off, starting chapter one on the left (which is … Continue reading Blood Harvest – Paperback Proofs are here!

Borrowing Time from an Alternate Dimension

It's taken me too long to write this. Last Friday, I loaned some digital real estate to Laura Maisano. Many weeks ago, I read her new book, Schism. Then life happened. I got pulled away by bundles and Boy Scouts and the passing of loved ones, all while my amazing wife continues to juggle a … Continue reading Borrowing Time from an Alternate Dimension

Behind the Black Wall – Guest Post with Laura Maisano

Thanks to everyone for their wonderful response and participation in the Immerse or Die Bundle Giveaway. The lucky winner has been notified! Now, on to my special guest for the day, Laura Maisano - a super talented editor and writer I met at a local writing group and then convinced to join yet another group … Continue reading Behind the Black Wall – Guest Post with Laura Maisano

Not Exactly Common

I wanted to vlog today but the weather happened. From sixty degrees to freezing in a matter of days, we've got an official snow day here in North Texas. Well, "inclement weather" day. Snow is uncommon. A thing of myth and legend. How might weather stop me from Vlogging you ask? There are people here. Like, … Continue reading Not Exactly Common