Thrilling Update: Setting Reveal

I should start this by sharing the most recent news on a certain Hollywood contact I mentioned several months back. The news there? No news. I was a little premature in the announcement. The scheduling for any sort of production is a long, complex process.

That out of the way, this update is all about my latest publishing project. That project will also take some time, but I’ve got a lot more say over the scheduling. Book one of this thriller series is currently at 35,000 words. A solid start for what will be a three book release with more on the way.

The plan is to release those three books near simultaneously in early 2023.

I’ve got a main character, a highly-skilled former FBI agent with a dark past. Evil villains with nefarious plans but, really, they just want to “save” the world. And plenty of twists, turns, and over the top action. More on all that in future updates.

I’ve also got a setting for the first book: the moody, breathtaking, and deadly Oregon Coast.

As I write about Oregon while currently located on the coast of Maine, the comparison is a little surreal. Both places are lands of plenty graced with a multitude of edible plants and berries. Miles of picturesque, rocky coastline invite exploration into an ancient past. Whales and other magnificent creatures roam the bays.

The difference with Oregon? The ocean on the Atlantic side isn’t always trying to kill you.

The Pacific Northwest coast is anything but passive. Waves crash against those jagged rocks incessantly – rocks made jagged because they were dredged up from the fires of Hell long ago before cooling in the relentless surf. Massive King Tides strike with ferocious abandon, wrecking ships, pulling beachgoers out to sea and turning the endless supply of driftwood from the coastal rainforest into hull smashing torpedoes. The brute power of the ocean is almost always on display.

Maybe because of this and the often dreary fog, early explorers to the Oregon Coast left their mark with cheerful, encouraging place names like Cape Foulweather. Cape Disappointment (right across the border in Washington). Deception Bay. Dead Man’s Cove…

Then there’s eerie spots like “Preacher’s Cave” reportedly used for dark rituals and sacrifices, but likely named after a cult figure from Oregon’s past who nurtured a flock of pious women. One of his flock, he claimed, would bear the second coming of Christ if only they’d accept the preacher’s…personal blessings.

Everything was going great for him until one of the husbands of said women gunned him down in the street in broad daylight. A jury of peers refused to issue a guilty verdict.

Suffice it to say, aside from some stunning and dramatic scenery, the Oregon Coast has a compelling history. From the natives who peopled the bounteous coves and hills for thousands of years, to the intrepid settlers who made the trek from the opposite coast, to a violent history of teamsters and gangsters, and now corporate landlords who mill the natural beauty into a Wall Street resource neither the original natives nor the ancestors of those settlers benefit much from.

Mystery. Intrigue. It’s the perfect setting to launch this thriller series. And despite the moody history, Oregon is an amazing place and one of our favorites of the 36 states we’ve visited so far.

We spent the summer of 2021 nestled away in a maintenance yard of the Siuslaw National Forest. I did work for the Cape Perpetua unit, tending trails and visitor areas. It was a peaceful place to lay low during the peak (a peak) of the pandemic, our only visitors fellow workers and a thirty-head herd of elk.

Things were crazy in the outside world. Everybody had bought an RV (an expensive impulse buy most might soon regret as pandemic travel restrictions ease and gas prices go stratospheric) so parks were overflowing, reservations packed. But we’d been graciously offered a little forest glade and some solitude there and were thankful.

I’m looking forward to sharing the coast with readers. Setting is always a key component, another character in many ways, and this brooding, beautiful land will not disappoint.

I’ll have more updates as the series develops. Series name, details about the main character, and a juicy blurb, all things I’m still hammering out on the keyboard. For now, I wanted to share the inspiration and a few photos from my travels.

The story is not autobiographical but a former FBI Agent on the run for crimes he didn’t commit, touring the country in an attempt to clear his name has some parallels. I’m hardly the badass he is and while I’m not running from the law, I am on a personal quest to escape mundanity. Live a life of exploration and true freedom, away from the confinements of societal expectations.

Only time will tell if either of us succeeds! However it works out, I’m glad you’re along for the ride.

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