Quick Thriller Update

Still not that thriller...

Thriller Book two -was- done. Revisions are a bit messier than anticipated. Not reanimated corpse messy, but, still.

I’d hoped to be finished with book two by end of February. That might not happen. Mid-March more likely. Not sure what that does to my three book release plan.

Ideally, they’d all go to print in May. Ideally. But I don’t think book three will write itself that fast. It’s been taking three months or so to go through the whole process. I very well might shoot for May anyway, release the first two books and put up a pre-order for book three.

Decisions, decisions…

Frankly, I’d rather release books as I write them but if you do that, the almighty store algorithms will absolutely bury your work.

The only chance is to release several at once to generate exponentially more traffic. (Hell, three likely isn’t enough anymore. Five would be better. Or the whole series…)

I’ve got a few publishers I’m eyeing who have larger catalogs. That would be a tremendous help (and maybe necessary) to leverage their needle-moving volume. Trouble is, far too many publishers now demand all media rights with sketchy terms. Everybody trying to front-run the next Harry Potter or whatever giant franchise and push the writer out when it comes to the REAL money.

Many paths to publication. Lots of minefields to navigate.

It’s a terrible time and an amazing time to be a writer. Always been that way, I suppose!

If this doesn’t work, ummm, I’m out of ideas. Well, never out of ideas. I’ve got a head full of those just not a bank account full of matching dollars. Might need to go full Hollywood to keep this career rolling.

Yeah. That’ll be easier…

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