The Tragedy of Danny Rand Danny Rand’s appearance in Luke Cage season two gave comic book fans a glimmer of hope for the second run of Iron Fist. The man with the glowing fist appeared dashing, confident, and seemed to have found his place in the Netflix Marvel pantheon. Excited pre-release chatter was all about the redemption of Danny Rand. A few … Continue reading The Tragedy of Danny Rand

A Transformation Long in the Making – Luke Cage Season Two

When Luke Cage first debuted on Netflix, even a jaded media consumer could tell we were witnessing a change. For too many years media conglomerates called the shots based on faulty assumptions of what would "work" and what wouldn't using superficial metrics and interpretations of data skewed by ignorance. Then a small but tenacious media … Continue reading A Transformation Long in the Making – Luke Cage Season Two

Putting Your Dreams In Storage…

Books aren't all that great for a mobile lifestyle. They're heavy. Awkward to store. And those glorious displays of leather, or matte and glossy spines on open shelves would never survive the four point magnitude earthquake of going from place to place. You could fill your cupboards with them (if properly secured). But why bother … Continue reading Putting Your Dreams In Storage…

False Dichotomy in Culture Wars: Disney Strikes Back

As I've made pretty clear, I am not a fan of the recent Star Wars trilogy. I'm aware of the social minefield this places me in. I must hate these movies because I am racist, misogynist or both. A spoiled fan boy who won't share his toys. For the record, I simply think they are … Continue reading False Dichotomy in Culture Wars: Disney Strikes Back

Staying Connected

Toughest job on Discovery at the moment likely belongs to our communications officer. As mentioned, we aren't on perpetual vacation. We still need some way to pay for this adventure plus our recent graduate's college tuition. To make that happen, we require a reliable internet connection. The easiest method is to to locate an RV resort with … Continue reading Staying Connected

A Book! With Words! – Selling Books at Dallas FanExpo

Thanks to the authors across the way at Dallas FanExpo, one slogan will be forever emblazoned in my brain. Because, well, they had a book. It had words. They wanted everyone to understand this. So, they shouted it mercilessly. And you know what? It worked. By the end of the weekend, I'm pretty sure they'd … Continue reading A Book! With Words! – Selling Books at Dallas FanExpo

The saga of the Space Piñata.

I finally saw Rogue One. (Maybe some minor spoilers plus a minor rant ahead.) Look, characters make stories. Plot is fine and good and it needs to have its own logic and make enough sense for your characters to accomplish the Thing they need to accomplish. But it doesn't need to do much more than … Continue reading The saga of the Space Piñata.

Move over Nostradamus here comes Nostradaruss

Damn that was bad. Anyway, I was recently asked to write a short story for a science fiction anthology. It had some pretty particular guidelines which focused on near future, near earth events. As part of the project, I started with a timeline - of things which have yet to happen. So I simply gazed into … Continue reading Move over Nostradamus here comes Nostradaruss