Could You Survive Gracewood High?

One of my critique partners has just released his debut graphic novel, Kill the Freshman. Alex Langley is the author of a killer series of guides to geekery (The Geek Handbook, Geek Lust, and The Geek Handbook 2.0) and now he's broken out his adamantium pencil sharpener to bring you a tale of high school … Continue reading Could You Survive Gracewood High?

Wherein Doof Warrior Tells You to Shut Your Whatever-Gendered Facehole

I'm a highly critical person. I think many writers are, especially when it comes to their own work. It takes a certain obsessive mindset to pick apart a 90,000 word document over and over and over and over again. (I even counted the "overs" and decided there weren't enough, but I'll leave it as is.) When I … Continue reading Wherein Doof Warrior Tells You to Shut Your Whatever-Gendered Facehole

When Card Games can Script Your Superhero Movie

First thing: THE BUNDLE SALE ENDS THIS WEEK! Okay, got that out of my system. Now on to other things like gaming and probably the shortest most mixed review of Avengers you'll see on the 'Net. I finally got to break away from the keyboard and do geeky things. A few friends and I met up … Continue reading When Card Games can Script Your Superhero Movie


Last month I posted about getting hits to my website from search terms related to an old DnD campaign. Back in the day, I had an entire campaign website (I still park the domain and even maintained a mailing list. They were a quiet, non-rabid fandom and when I finally pulled the plug on the … Continue reading FEAR MY LUKE-WARM STARDOM

Check Out My New Geeky Gig!

While it's been a quiet week here at the blog, I've been scheming behind the scenes. The great folks over at GeekDad broke down and decided to give me a gig. Go check out my first post, Tomb of Horrors: Hangover Edition, and be sure to add the site to your list of daily doses of unadulterated geekery. … Continue reading Check Out My New Geeky Gig!

Dealing with Rejection through Physical Violence

How many writers can say they got the chance to enter a cage match with an editor? An editor that has rejected one of your precious stories in the past? An open invitation to kick and pummel them mercilessly before a crowd of other writers chanting for blood? I did exactly that. On Valentine's Day. Well, maybe … Continue reading Dealing with Rejection through Physical Violence

Wookies and Vibrators

Another weekend, another game night. A friend of mine enjoys hosting board game extravaganzas. He'll invite everyone he knows to a board game night in hopes of playing DJ at some kind of Mountain Dew fueled rave where everyone's slinging card-stock and polyhedrals until the wee hours. At times, he's drawn crowds big enough he … Continue reading Wookies and Vibrators

Heroic Resolve

Back from a Christmas vacation on the beach and I'm just about to head out again to visit family. It was a working vacation - polishing up the first draft of my next novel. I think I'm at that point in my writing where I need to be away from the world to get serious … Continue reading Heroic Resolve