You asked for it. 69 pages of HomeBrew RPG goodness...

Click the pic. You asked for it. 69 pages of HomeBrew RPG goodness…

Last month I posted about getting hits to my website from search terms related to an old DnD campaign. Back in the day, I had an entire campaign website (I still park the domain eyrurpg.com) and even maintained a mailing list. They were a quiet, non-rabid fandom and when I finally pulled the plug on the site, I figured the campaign had run its course. Nobody seemed to mind.

Years later, and suddenly, people are stumbling across my luke-warm stardom and saying “Hey, didn’t that guy used to run a bizarre Irish Celtic RPG site?”

Yep. I did.

Today, I got an email request to post the documents. It was all Open Source using the SRD guidelines for 3.5e DnD so I figured, what the hell.

This is rough. Messy. I don’t even want to read it now because with all the writing I’m doing lately, I know this is a hot mess. But somebody actually wants to see it so, why the hell not?

If anyone plays a campaign with this I WANT TO KNOW.

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