Empty Quiver Now Available!

“so real, so believable, that you’re left wanting more…” – The Author Visits 5 star Review of Crimson Son



Empty Quiver: Tales from the Crimson Son Universe is now available on Amazon!

If you snuck in on my mailing list, you received your FREE copy of Empty Quiver. (Sign up now for future freebies and notices!) If you’ve read it, please consider leaving a review and buying a copy of Crimson Son to continue exploring a world of superhero fiction reviewers are raving about:

“…character driven, action packed”

“…worlds of augmented super-beings and shadowy government conspiracies. It shouldn’t work as well as it does, but it does. In spades.”

“This bright, quirky fantasy, gives ‘superhero’ a whole new meaning.”

Empty Quiver is a novella that explores the historical ramifications of a super soldier program gone awry. It sets the scene for the events of Crimson Son and gives fans a more in-depth background of the fictional universe along with guest appearances by fan favorites, Hurricane and Hound. (Keep a close eye out and you’ll see a few other familiar Augments…)

The ‘Cane Train struggles to keep tabs on the irrepressible, Hurricane and charts the program from the very first operation to a grisly clash of Augments.

Fat Man and Little Boy tells the story of a man of earth-shattering power who can’t escape his troubled past.

Codename: Danger follows an inner city kid who escaped the streets only to live a life of fear. The fear, a gift of the Augment program, has kept those around him safe but at his expense.

Aurora emerges in the waning days as a desperate administration seeks to find a way to regain control. For the first time, women are allowed to apply to the Augment program but greater control is far from what their experiment uncovers.

Alter Ego is a tale of the quiet sacrifices of heroes and one young girl’s obsession with her favorite Augment, Ember.

Get your copy today!

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