Crimson Son Nominated for International Book Award


Well, this has surely been a roller coaster weekend. First thing’s first: Crimson Son was reader nominated for an international indie book award! Crazy, right?

If you love me, you’ll go here and vote for Crimson Son. If you hate me, I guess you’ll go there and vote (but I guess it might not be for me.) On second thought, if you hate me, go here. Then come back.

Still have the same opinion? Fine. Send me a note with your e-mail and mention you want a free book. I will send you one. This is called bribery. If you enjoy my proffered bribe, then perhaps you’ll have enough information and will give me your vote?

None of this working? Wait. What are you doing here then?!?

Whatever you decide, DO IT NOW! You only have a few weeks to vote! They’ll announce the winner in Dublin at the end of this month (if anyone wants to also buy a plane ticket to Dublin for me, I’d be hella grateful.)

I’m always flabbergasted to hear people say they’ve read my work, let alone nominated it for an award. When reviews pop up or even just ratings on any of my blathering, I’m like, “Really? You read all of that?” Partly this is because I read it DOZENS of times (this is a conservative estimate) and haven’t been able to go back and look since publication. Mostly though it is an overwhelming sense of gratitude that anyone would choose to give my stories their viciously competed for eye-time.

Speaking of ratings, this leads to the roller coaster part.

Some would say that the “downhill” part is the bad because it represents the troughs. The lows. Wrong. It’s the uphill part.

That part where you are slowly being ratcheted into the sky, your back parallel to the ground and the tracks ahead dropping off into whatever great unknown is going to swallow you up and spit you out the other side. That’s the terrifyingly bad part.

I’ve sold and/or given away over fifty copies of Empty Quiver and I’m still grinding up that hill. I have yet to see a review pop up (except on Goodreads and it was from this completely biased, pompous ass who delivers voice-over work on the weekends.) So, if you happen to have read it, show an author some love and leave an honest review!

Next up this weekend, I was asked to record voice-over for a fellow author’s audiobook. They needed someone to play a pompous ass and I was like, “I don’t know, that’s a stretch.” But I did it anyway. I’ll have more details as they’re released.

Thanks everyone and have an awesome week.

After you vote for me.

Until then it will be mediocre at best.

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  1. Congrats! I voted. 🙂 For your book, even! 😉

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