Codename: Danger – Part One

This is Part One of another story from my Empty Quiver Collection. Each story in the collection features Augments (superheroes) who appear as secondary characters in the Crimson Son series. Reggie's, or Danger's, sole power is the ability to sense trouble, much like Spiderman's "spidey sense"...

Mission Statement Take 2

This weekend my wife and I had a discussion about the difference between plot-driven and character-driven books. So what's the difference you ask? In short, character-driven stories are what I like to write. Clears that right up, eh? Plot-driven books generally get their momentum from external events happening around the characters. Character-driven books get their momentum … Continue reading Mission Statement Take 2

3…2…1… Download! Empty Quiver for FREE on Amazon

Voting is closed over at the Books Go Social 2015 reader nominations. Thanks to everyone that voted for Crimson Son! I'll keep you posted as to who the lucky winner is. Win or not, I'm just happy somebody out there thought Crimson Son was worthy of the nomination. Right now, and I mean THIS VERY … Continue reading 3…2…1… Download! Empty Quiver for FREE on Amazon

Crimson Son Nominated for International Book Award

Well, this has surely been a roller coaster weekend. First thing's first: Crimson Son was reader nominated for an international indie book award! Crazy, right? If you love me, you'll go here and vote for Crimson Son. If you hate me, I guess you'll go there and vote (but I guess it might not be for … Continue reading Crimson Son Nominated for International Book Award

Empty Quiver Now Available!

"so real, so believable, that you're left wanting more..." - The Author Visits 5 star Review of Crimson Son WANT NO MORE Empty Quiver: Tales from the Crimson Son Universe is now available on Amazon! If you snuck in on my mailing list, you received your FREE copy of Empty Quiver. (Sign up now for future … Continue reading Empty Quiver Now Available!

Writing Stuff You Don’t Even Know You Want Yet

Read on and learn how to get a FREE copy of my upcoming novelette, Empty Quiver. This past weekend I hosted Write Club over at my house. (Yep, I'm about to break the first rule.) Essentially what happens is a few of us local writers get together and crank out words between breaks for tea (coffee, … Continue reading Writing Stuff You Don’t Even Know You Want Yet

Just Say No to Originality

Once again I find myself on the cutting edge of creativity and originality. Or, well, maybe just a few inches behind that edge. Possibly more. Like when I wrote a book about the nineteen year old son of a powerless superhero, shopped the manuscript around a bit, decided to go self pub and then Steelheart … Continue reading Just Say No to Originality