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  • Tremble Before Me Oh Wicked Social Media!

    I don’t have time for this. Really. I’ve got the powerless son of a superhero to bail out of the worst week of his life. I’ve got a Zombie named Robert, set upon by a starving Chihuahua,  who desperately needs… Read More ›

  • Slush Floater

    A question popped up on my twitter feed from @KimmieAnnWrites asking for opinions on traditional and self publishing. As a new writer, I’m still forming my opinion but my biggest concern is the time to market for traditional publishing and… Read More ›

  • Dawn of Worlds

    If you didn’t know, I’m a total geek. I have dice with more than six sides which I use to play games other than Craps or Monopoly. I have a small collection of metal miniatures which I use to represent… Read More ›

  • Digital Camping

    Aside from my creative pursuits, I serve as Scoutmaster for my son’s Boy Scout Troop. All politics and bone-headed decisions aside (I see no reason to discriminate against kids OR adults) scouting is a wonderful organization where kids get to… Read More ›

  • How not to Blog

    More wonderful advice from DFWCon was flung at me than I could possibly absorb. I’m still reeling at the impact. The result is, I’m standing over my manuscript, bloody scalpel in hand, doing a thorough divination of the entrails. No,… Read More ›

  • Writers Make Money?!?

    Back from the DFWcon writing conference and carrying a mixture of motivation and dread. I got excellent advice from the classes I attended and from my consultation. It was inspirational but at the same time hammered home exactly how much work… Read More ›

  • Excuses, Excuses

    So this week I planned to write more about the business side of creative work, however it’s going to have to wait until next week. Tomorrow is DFWCon, a pretty big writing con here in the Dallas area. I’ve got… Read More ›

  • Deductions and other Arcana

    Alright, you’ve determined your creative endeavor qualifies as a business: you’re pursuing profit; you’ve got a way to track your sales and expenses that involves more than stuffing receipts in your glove box; and, most importantly, you’ve got the right… Read More ›

  • You’ve Got to Treat It Right

    Last time I mentioned the first steps of distinguishing your writing hobby from your writing business. Presumably, you’ve done that by now and want to know more about the things to do as a ‘business owner’. No? Well, call your… Read More ›

  • The Business of Creating Stuff

    Writing can be a wonderful hobby. Releasing those inner imaginings, freeing them into the wild, whether on public display or not can mean so many things on a personal level to the writer that publication is often an unnecessary or… Read More ›