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  • Read any Good Books Lately?

    I’m reading too many things right now. How is that even possible? Well, since I took on the task of transforming myself into a real writer (look Geppetto, no strings!) earlier this year, my reading list has exploded. We’re talking… Read More ›

  • Writing for Other People

    Writers can be an egotistical lot. We write what we want to see written. We jot down the stories in our head that sound so irresistibly cool to us. We often (always?) think we’re writing the best damn thing ever. Then we… Read More ›

  • Kind Editors?!?

    Ahhhh, editors. Writers, love to hate on them when the rejections come in. If you’re like me, you also like to secretly pass judgment on their selections. Your inner critic flicks on the hyper-drive and reading those stories that were… Read More ›

  • Alliance Airshow 2012

    A photography update tonight: back from a chilly day at the airshow with a few pictures! Check ’em out! The Canadian Snowbirds must have brought the weather. They did some excellent large formations, but honestly, the F-18 that followed their… Read More ›

  • Word Count Frenzy

    I had this great blog post idea about word count. (Ok, so it isn’t that great or original, but it was something my fellow writers might have found interesting.) The focus was a link I have since lost. In fact, I spent… Read More ›

  • FenCon Wrap-Up (Actually, this is all about me…)

    So, I’m not the best FenCon reporter. I was mainly there for the writing stuff. I’m pretty new to the con scene, despite having been active in geeky counter-culture stuff for decades. I’ve always had this “anti-fanboy” gene for some reason. There… Read More ›

  • FenCon Update

    Back from my first day at FenCon. Yeah, had to end things early due to other obligations, and honestly, there wasn’t a whole lot of great programming today. My main reason for being there is the Writer’s Workshop lectures with… Read More ›

  • Wrestling the Muse

    You hit me once, I hit you back I gave a kick, you gave a slap You smashed a plate over my head Then I set fire to our bed Florence+The Machine – Kiss with a Fist I’m not in… Read More ›

  • Remember

    It’s hard to believe it’s been eleven years. Checking my Twitter feed, one of my fellow North Branch Crit Group writers posted the following: Kelsey Macke‏@KelsNotChels 11 years ago the towers fell, as did our jaws… and our tears. My song was my gift…. Read More ›

  • Writers be Brave!

    I’m currently working on the beginning of my novel – going back over the first draft (only maybe half way through the whole thing ATM) to maybe polish it a tad before I submit to the FenCon Writer’s Workshop. I’m stoked… Read More ›