Get All Three Crimson Son eBooks for .99 Each!

Yep, each eBook in the main series is less than a dollar for a limited time. That’s under three bucks for nearly 1400 pages of adventure! There’s never been a better opportunity than now to launch into the Crimson Son Universe!

Here’s a link to the series page on Amazon

Tomorrow, Under the Flickering Light will go LIVE! For everyone that’s already pre-ordered, thank you so much for your support. As this is the fifth book related to the series, I figured a celebration was in order.

Under the Flickering Light represents a nod to all those great Marvel “What If” comics where the writers would explore fun premises far outside the traditional canon. For the CSU, the burning question is this: What If Charlotte (Chroma) Wins?!?

Every hero needs a nemesis. And while she’s been in the background since book one, Charlotte, the psychic entity turned AI, is truly Spencer’s greatest enemy. In some timelines, possibly the biggest threat to the world…

UtFL is a stand-alone which can easily be read without any knowledge of the CSU. However, through next week, I’m making it easy for new readers to get the FULL experience!

I started this book writing career nearly five years ago. In that time, Crimson Son, my debut novel, has easily been my most popular book. Originally intended as a one-off, I found Spencer and Eric simply wouldn’t shut up.

For a writer, the only way to silence the voices is to set them free. So here we are, five years and five books later.

Crimson Son, Motherland, and Ashes make up the flagship series’ core books. They chronicle the journey of powerless Spencer as he wrestles with the fallout from his super-powered father’s world.

Empty Quiver takes a deep, gritty dive into the backstory of several of your favorite Augments. As a short story collection, it’s freely available so that anybody can dip their toes into this unique superhero experience.

If you haven’t started the series, I recommend Crimson Son (or even Under the Flickering Light) as the best entry point. Empty Quiver is a quick read too, though it helps to be grounded in the universe, else the stories might feel a little too unfamiliar.

This year, I’ve got big plans. Bigger than most years. Crimson Son 4 is already in the works (13,000 words or six chapters on the page as of today!) and I’ve got a new series coming which I hope you’ll enjoy as much as Spencer’s misadventures in a world of weaponized humans which some might call heroes.

Thanks again for reading and supporting this crazy endeavor!


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