Writing Stuff You Don’t Even Know You Want Yet

Read on and learn how to get a FREE copy of my upcoming novelette, Empty Quiver.

This past weekend I hosted Write Club over at my house. (Yep, I’m about to break the first rule.) Essentially what happens is a few of us local writers get together and crank out words between breaks for tea (coffee, beer or a shot of bourbon have also sufficed), surfing for book covers on Fiverr (this is not done with any sincerity), and berating the Za for watching anime instead of writing (the Za is an extra dimensional being who sometimes graces our lowly reality with his presence).

Friday was a small group with only three of us from the North Branch Writer’s Crit Group. We were talking about our current projects and fellow author Laura Maisano who writes Urban Portal Fantasy of the best kind (her book, Schism, hits the shelves in just a few weeks – check her out on Facebook, Twitter and her site) pegged my genre as the weird-shit-nobody-else-is-writing. Or something like that.

She’s right. I’m a strange person despite all my outward attempts at normalcy. But all writers are a little crazy. Ask Ben and his wuxia fiction being crafted outside the censorship controls of mainland China where that epic genre was born. He’s writing transformative stuff you don’t even know you want yet.

Me, I’ve gone from writing about an angsty, smart ass teen in a superhero world to writing about serious, grown adults in that same world and now on to an OCD bugman in a traditional fantasy world where he doesn’t quite fit in. Nobody asked for bugman-identity-crisis-fiction, but you’re gonna WANT IT.

Confused yet?

I hope not. I hope I don’t scare you guys away with the weird, trippy stories my brain cranks out. Crimson Son had its share of weirdness (Charlotte anyone?) beneath the snark. Despite the outward appearances of being a superhero novel, it was anything but. I write fantasy with a twist.

My next offering will be Empty Quiver: Tales from the Crimson Son Universe. This is a novelette with five solid stories and a cover which was most decidedly NOT purchased on Fiverr. Allow me to demonstrate:

Empty Quiver: Tales from the Crimson Son Universe


New stories, new characters, and new secrets about the Augment program are revealed to help ground the events of Crimson Son. EBooks of Empty Quiver will be FREE to my mailing list subscribers.

Other exciting news: I’ve got more digital appearances lined up for April and May. I’ll be recording a podcast this weekend with the crew over at Kulture Shocked wherein we will discuss the finer points of Samurai Cop, perhaps one of the best bad movies I’ve ever had the privilege of being tortured with. Then, in May, fellow writer and blogger Angélique Jamail has invited me to corrupt some youth. Expect a blog post rundown of how tragically that one ends.

And don’t forget, if you don’t already own Crimson Son, or even if you do, the epically badass bundle from Immerse or Die is out THIS WEDNESDAY! Get your copy along with eight other amazing indie books from Storybundle.com!

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  1. Awesome cover art, and thanks for the plug 🙂 Your weird stuff will start a trend, the next YA Dystopia boom will be bugmen! Wait and see :-p

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