Some Demented Guy Keeps Posting My Life Story


Spencer here.

I’ve been online ever since I could remember. Hell, Mom posted sonogram photos on Facebook before Dad made her take them down. Down from her fake account about our fake life. Like he was worried somebody would notice a resemblance between fetus me and his masked, muscled self.

Then I was born.

We don’t look much alike. I’ve been told I have his chin, which on my face looks like a speed bump, but I don’t have superpowers. No flight. No strength. Definitely no bullet proof abs. But what I have inherited is all the problems associated with his awesomeness.

Anyway, if you think your family is messed up…well, I’ve got a book or two floating around the internet which might make you feel better about your situation.

Why this Russ Linton guy keeps such close tabs on everything I do is a mystery. The “how” I can explain. We’re a generation who gave up privacy for a piece of an ever crowded spotlight. One I’d have stayed out of if I hadn’t had to save the world.

I know. Me? Save the world? That’s his job. Or was.

I might do it again. Then again, it might be my own world which needs saving this time…

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