The End of the World will begin in the Breakroom…

Home stretch and we’re 60% to the goal! Only 5 days left!

Here’s another excerpt from the upcoming novel. Be a part of the Crimson Son Universe and join the crowdfunding effort today!

Crimson Son 4: Legacy

Chapter Two

I drop by the infirmary on my way to the Command Center. I had every intention of passing it by. Ignoring my natural tendencies might be the first step toward being a leader.

Cyrus, our medic, is both a traitor and a big part of the reason Dad is dead. He’s also not here by choice. Several escape attempts have already been made and failed.

Hound sniffed him out and tracked him down once, happy to have something to do other than try to clean up after Eric. Lieutenant Ship-Shape and Captain Clutter don’t exactly see eye to eye. If the world is ever tipped toward its final, bitter end, it will start in the breakroom. When the old veteran had gotten geared up to track Cyrus, I worried maybe he’d keep walking…

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