Cancer couldn’t kill him but Ace’s plan just might…

Early reviews are in!

You won’t want to put this down until you’ve read the last page. –  5 star Goodreads Review

I suspect this is just the start of a wild roller-coaster ride for readers, so hold on tight! – 5 star Goodreads Review

Book Two of Ace Grant, Demon Slayer is Now Available!

Ace has a plan: Surrender himself to a soul-eating demon so he can get close enough to strike.

He didn’t say it was a good plan. But when you’ve got terrible luck, sometimes the best course of action is to get ahead of it. 

Do the time. 

Accept the sentence.

But never, ever accept the deal…

Ace’s plea bargain is a deal with the devil — an actual demon by the name of Mordecai Sunday. Mordecai and his corrupt forces plan to bring about the end of the world, one imprisoned soul at a time. Ace? He just wants his world to stop spinning out of control so he can go back home.

He’ll surrender himself to be judged for a crime he didn’t commit. With death already around the corner, he’s got nothing to lose. But when he’s transferred to Mordecai’s prisoner reform program, he sees just how near the end really is.

Now he’ll have to choose sides in a losing battle of magic and blood. Whoever he picks, whether it be his ghostly mentor’s tribe of tortured spirits, or his own ancestral power struggling to reemerge, he’s bound to make new enemies.

End of the world? It’s whatever. Ace was born in the trenches. He’ll put them all back in the grave if that’s what it takes to see his son again. And if the gods themselves intervene? He’ll dig a grave for them, too…


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